Everything I do is a major Achievement

    I am Ion Gottlich

    Sport:Cycling Track & Road
    Date of birth:25-03-197AWESOME
    Height:1,81 m
    Major achievements: Everything he does is a major achievement.
    Hobbies:Cycling and being awesome.
    Favorite food:Cobblestones and gold medals

    My best skills

    • Sprinting100%
    • Time Trialing100%
    • Climbing‎100%
    Ion Göttlich is a superhero cyclist designed to uplift the sport and the people he interacts with.

    He is an overconfident, opinionated, energetic, bombastic, blunt, ‘in your face’ individual but completely endearing with a hidden soft side. His images show what all cyclists actually think deep down, and thus allowing them to make a connection. He loves sport, speed, fitness, the outdoors, traveling, racing and good clean healthy living. He has a never give up attitude and will try everything until success.

    He loves the best brands and above all, quality. While he does not completely shove products and marketing in the face of his followers, he does display and showcase products in a spectacular fashion. The amazing things he does and gets up to will reinforce the brands he is associated with.

    When he appears in his own context (alone) he is super, amazing and totally spectacular. When he appears with other athletes, he talks the talk and walks the walk but ultimately loses to them in competition. Of course he will always have an excuse why he lost, but this will uplift the person that he is with, while keeping it amusing and entertaining to follow. Basically, your typical lovable villain!
    Above all, he does have a “real life”. Ion interacts with people and places from all walks of life, as he goes about his free and energetic life.

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    Miles Run


    Hours in Gym




    March 23, 2016

    Warm Down

    I like to warm down after winning a race on my rollers in a calm environment!
    March 3, 2016

    Season kit Finalized for 2016

    Finalized my 2016 season kit. Time to go Full Gas ? Don’t harden up that’s so 2015…. this year Ion 1up!!
    March 3, 2016

    Major spring classics

    With the major spring classics starting soon Its good to remember what happened to me in Flanders last year!